Welcome to Peace Grey-Bruce

We are an educational and activist organization advocating the cessation of state terrorism so that innocent men, women and children worldwide do not suffer death, injury and personal devastation as a result of the covetous actions of imperialist nations.Peace Grey-Bruce will be working to strengthen the peace movement in Grey and Bruce counties by bringing together diverse groups in a dynamic network. Through this network we can then campaign on current issues such as the war in Iraq, Canadian involvement in missile defense, and pressure the government to promote peace and nonviolence in Canada and throughout the world.Be sure to check out our web site for issues, action, news, groups, resources and our various modes of communication.

What’s New 

The Canadian Action Party  Finally there is a political party that opposes Canada’s deep integration with the United States and its conversion into a war-fighting client of the United States permanent warfare state.

Website Images  A great big thank you goes out to Micah Ian Wright for granting us permission to use his very creative and powerful anti-war poster images on our website. They are generally a remix of the propaganda war posters created by the American government for the Second World War. Some have truth-revealing messages and others are good for a chuckle or two.

Cartoon Commentary 

Doonesbury debuted in about two dozen newspapers on October 26, 1970 as Doonesbury, the first strip from the Universal Press Syndicate. It became well known for its social and political (usually liberal) commentary, always timely, and peppered with wry and ironic humor. It is presently syndicated in approximately 1,400 newspapers worldwide.

The Greatest Threat To World Peace 

At the present time, the greatest threat to world peace is the current United States Bush II Administration with its addiction to militarization, its unbridled corporate lust for oil and its quest for global dominance. Here we have a unrestrained global military power which has a long history of murdering, pillaging and devastating weaker nations than itself to control its “Grand Area” (a US foreign policy objective) so that it may acquire and protect markets and resources (see our resources page for details).
The current case in point is Iraq, a small defenseless nation with the world’s second largest supply of undeveloped oil. It has been proven that the United States declarations about weapons of mass destruction, the war on terrorism and establishing democracy in Iraq are hypocritical lies spun to endorse the invasion of Iraq with the objective of securing Iraqi oil for America. Historically, the US established and supported Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime (especially in the war against Iran) until Saddam violated American rules with the invasion of Kuwait (aside: Kuwait was tapping into Iraqi oil supplies). Then Saddam had to be demonized and removed to protect markets and resources. Enter the weapons of mass destruction and Al-Qaeda hype. However, the United Nations couldn’t find any weapons of mass destruction, there was no Al-Qaeda connection and nobody mentions anything about the sophisticated nuclear weapons programs in Israel, India or Pakistan. Oh well not to be deterred, the US Bush II Administration then conspires with the Saudi’s to destroy the World Trade Center (see the movie Fahrenheit 9/11) and then hypocritically declares war against Iraq, a nation which has never threatened America but does have a lot of oil. With their military might and “preventative war” policy, the US unilaterally attacked Iraq in spite of opposition by the world community. The UN declared the invasion of Iraq an illegal and unjustified war.
The United States and its Coalition of the Willing (read: nations at the mercy of US foreign aid) are in Iraq for one reason only – they are there for the oil! That is why the American oil development corporations (such as Halliburton) moved in with the military and are secretly developing and exporting Iraqi oil.
With no other military power to restrain the United States global ambitions and with its demonstrated and blatant disregard for United Nations and Geneva Convention world standards of human decency, we will soon see the United States push the the world to the brink of catastrophe. Already the Soviet Union and China have commenced nuclear weapons programs to protect themselves from American hegemony (global dominance). Smaller nations who rightly and naturally oppose the occupation of their country by the US foreign invader will resort to guerilla warfare and terrorism as the only weapons available to them. The declared US War On Terrorism (read: we covet Middle East oil) with its invasion of the Middle East ironically will only increase world terrorism as the US inflames and unites the peoples of the Islamic nations. The European Union (with the exception of Great Britain) is extremely uneasy about American hegemony (global dominance) and will cease to be an American ally.
If this wasn’t enough, the United States wants to militarize space so that it may control all nations and create the New World Order (read: the United States of the World ). This action will no doubt lead to a biblical-like Armageddon.
To complicate things, the United States Bush II Administration will develop a more desperate and dangerous behaviour as it implements aggressive “right wing” social policies and “hegemonic” foreign policies. Plans currently in the works are massive military spending and cutbacks of social programs, the invasion of Iran and other Middle East countries, isolationism, suspension of civil liberties creating a police state, the draft, concentration camps, declining economy and living standards, social unrest and ultimately impending economic collapse. To carry out these policies the Bush II Administration is using a massive fear campaign to control the American people and divert their attention from their declining living standards. The parallels to the rise of Nazi Germany are all too striking and history once again is repeating itself. It’s time to wake up folks, we are living in a very volatile and dangerous world – much more so than any time in history.