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International Scientific Conference: Restructuring Potential under Globalization and New Economy Conditions

Location: Krynica (Poland
Period: 17 - 20 October 2007

21st century is bringing new challenges for the economies as well as for enterprises. progressive globalization process of all spheres of life - from economy, law, policy to consumption norms and culture - have made national economies more independent than ever. Development of information infrastructure - as a creation of wide possibilities of gaining information and using new sources of telecommunication - is conductive to globalization processes.
Survival and development of enterprises under those radically changed conditions require understanding of global business pronciples, as well as possesion of specific competence of rapid adjustment to chanding economic reality.


Organizer and Partners

  • Cracow University of Economics
  • Southern Stockholm University
  • Durham University

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"Entrepreneurship, Employment and Beyond "


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Cracow University of Economics
Faculty of Management
Department of Economics and Organization of Enterprise
27 Rakowicka Street 27
31-510 Krakow, Poland

tel: +48 12 293 53 67, +48 12 293 53 80
fax: +48 12 293 50 63


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