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Wednesday October 17, 2018
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Support for vulnerable groups: institutions and alternatives

The BEARR Trust Annual Conference 2015


: CAN-Mezzanine, London
Period: 20 November 2015


The conference will examine trends in policy and practice in our region in dealing with a variety of vulnerable groups, from orphans to old people, young offenders to disabled people.  In Soviet times, many such people were stuck in institutions, away from the public eye and with little hope of a decent future.  Since then institutions have been closing in favour of more people-friendly alternatives, but progress has been patchy.  We look at developments in various spheres throughout the BEARR region, and how NGOs are trying to help.

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The participants

Speakers will include


The BEARR Trust is a UK-based organisation set up to help children and other vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the South Caucasus. We believe the best way to do this is to help small NGOs working in health and social welfare to build knowledge, know-how, skills and contacts including with those doing similar work in the UK.

Information & contacts

Venue for the Conference: CAN - Mezzanine, 32 - 36 Loman Street, London SE1 0EE
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