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International Virtual Conference "The Planet ‘Russian Language’ in Virtual Linguistic Communicative Space"

Conference venue: internet
Period: Oct. 3-5, 2012
Deadline for submitting full papers: Sep. 15, 2012

Description of the Conference

The International Coordinating Committee (Armenia, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, USA) is continuing work on its project Creation of a Virtual Educational Space for the World Community. The project is aimed at joining the forces of instructors from leading universities across the globe, scholars from different countries working in various disciplines with individual styles and approaches to human communication and cooperation in the confines of intercultural communication.
The Committee invite scholars, educators, instructors and graduate students to participate in the work of the International Virtual Conference “The Planet ‘Russian Language’ in Virtual Linguistic Communicative Space”.
The aim of the Conference is to unite Russian specialists and literary scholars from different countries, to shine light upon relevant issues in Russian studies, literature, language learning pedagogy in the humanities, to increase the effectiveness of international cooperation, and the culture of electronic communication by creating a Network, a new way of sharing experiences, a new innovative educational medium.

The International Virtual Conference will be conducted utilizing Adobe Connect Pro Meeting and Skype.

Working languages of the Conference and for papers are Russian and English.
Papers will be available prior to the Conference on the website:

Eligible topics for the conference

Main scholarly themes of the Conference will be as follows:

  • Linguistic and Educational Space: Formation, Support, Development. Innovative Technologies in Education
  • Culture, Literature, Language
  • CALI, Electronic Pedagogy and Ethical Issues
  • Issues of Intercultural Communication
  • Issues in Linguistics and Methodology of Teaching Russian as a Second Language in Light of Intercultural Communication
  • Theory and Practice of Teaching Russian and Other Languages as a Second Language
  • The Theory and Practice of Using IT in Russian and other SL and Literature classes
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

The best papers will be published in a scholarly collection “In the World of International CALI” in ISSN and ISBN.

Guidelines for submission

The requirements for formatting papers are the following:
– the length of the text must not exceed 4-5 pages 
– the text should be formatted using Microsoft Office Word 2003
– the font must be Times New Roman                                                                        
– the title of the article must be in 14 point bold faced
– the main text must be in 12 points, single spaced
– center alignment is required
– page size: А4, Orientation Portrait
– margins: top – 2 cm, bottom – 2.5 cm, right – 2 cm, left - 2,5 cm
– paragraph must be indented by 5 spaces (0.8 cm)
– no page numbering
– tables: width 10.8 cm, 10 point font, no indentations

All pages references should be included in the text in brackets after the quotation (first the number of the source followed by a comma, then the page number), for example: [1: 98]. Sources should be provided at the end under the heading “Bibliography” numbered and in alphabetical order (10 point).

Applicants should provide their academic degree, title, current position, university or college, city, and country.

Application and paper should be sent as a separate file via e-mail to both and

Organizer and Partners

Information & contacts

Prof. Simona Berardi
Faculty of Political Sciences "R. Ruffilli", University of Bologna
: via Giacomo della Torre, 1
47121 Forlì (FC) Italy
Prof. Svetlana Minasyan
Russian Department, MESI Yerevan Branch
Yerevan 0099, Republic of Armenia
tel.: 00374.10.393094
mobile: 00374.91.477050
: 00374.10.393094


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