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Problems of Education in the 21st Century

Problems of Education in the 21st Century (PEC) is an international, periodical scientific journal publishing original research across the whole of education. The journal's Editorial Board and staff are committed to building PEC into the leading scientific journal in its field by publishing articles of outstanding scientific quality that deserve the attention and interest of the whole educational community.

Editorial board

Prof. dr. Vincentas Lamanauskas, Scientific Methodical Centre "Scientia Educologica" (Lithuania)

Editorial Board
Dr. Prof. Boris Abersek, University of Maribor (Slovenia) - from 2007
Dr. Prof. Agnaldo Arroio, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) - from 2009
Dr. Prof. Martin Bilek, Hradec Kralove University (Czech Republic) - from 2007
Dr. Prof. Andris Broks, University of Latvia (Latvia) - from 2008
Dr. Prof. Janis Gedrovics, Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy (Latvia) - from 2007
Dr. Angela James, University of KwaZulu - Natal (South Africa) - from 2010
Dr. Prof. Vladimir S. Karapetyan, Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Kh. Abovyan (Armenia) - from 2010
Dr. Kuo-Hung Huang, National Chiayi University (Taiwan) - from 2010
Dr. Todar T. Lakhvich, Belarusian State M.Tank Pedagogical University (Belarus) - from 2007
Dr. Eleonora Melnik, Karelian State Pedagogical University (Russia) - from 2007
Dr. Prof. Danuse Nezvalova, Palacky University (Czech Republic) - from 2010
Dr. Yuriy Pelekh, International University of Economics and Humanities named after Academician Stepan Demianchuk (Ukraine) - from 2007
Dr. Uladzimir K. Slabin, University of Oregon (USA) - from 2007
Dr. Laima Railienė, Scientific Methodical Centre "Scientia Educologica" (Lithuania) - from 2007
Dr. Prof. Borislav V. Toshev, Sofia University (Bulgaria) - from 2007


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since 2007, freely available


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