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Voprosy Literatury [Problems of literature]

Founded in 1957, for nearly half a century Voprosy Literatury has sustained its reputation as one of the most influential and renowned academic publications in the field of literary studies and philology in the Russian language.
On its pages, both modern and classical Russian literature is represented in a broad international context. Separate sections are devoted to the history of ideas, comparative poetics, theory of literature, and cultural studies. In recent years the journal has initiated discussions of the contemporary situation in the humanities.
Voprosy Literatury
is a reliable source of knowledge about new trends in Russian literature with its urgent problems, new works of prose and verse by authors who attract both the publishers’ and readers’ attention.
A Reference Book, Voprosy Literatury (1957 – 2004), with a complete list of contents and author as well as subject indexes is available to subscribers.

  • Russian

since 1996, freely available

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