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Austria and Central Europe Since 1989: Legacies and Future Prospects

Venue: Stanford University (Room location TBA)
Period: March 5-6, 2009


In the series of biannual international conferences to study the political and cultural landscape of Austria and Central Europe since 1945, the Forum on Contemporary Europe (Stanford University) organises the conference “Austria and Central Europe since 1989: legacies and future prospects”.
While previous conferences focused on Central Europe during the period of the post-war up to 1989, this conference gathers leading scholars and public figures to discuss the exciting developments of our contemporary era and to offer comments on future prospects for the region.

The conference panels will offer multi-disciplinary views of Central Europe today. Addressing topics from the area stretching from the Baltic to the Balkans, speakers will focus on Austria as well as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the counties of former Yugoslavia. Presentations will explore political, economic, social, and cultural facets of the region’s larger dynamic.

The conference panels will be conducted in workshop format. Papers will be pre-circulated to facilitate round table discussion among participants. Faculty, students, and the interested public are encouraged to attend.


Forum on Contemporary Europe (Stanford University)

Information & Contacts

Forum on Contemporary Europe
616 Serra St C100
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-6055
tel. 001.650.724.9656
fax. 001.650.725.2592

For further information contact Ms Laura Seaman:


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