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The challenges of Russia between Democracy and 'Sovereign Democracy

The international round table "The challenges of Russia between Democracy and 'Sovereign Democracy" has taken place in Forlì on December 4, 2006.
Here you can find the programme of the conference with the abstract of the contributions provided by the authors.

Welcome address

Paolo Zurla (President, Forlì Campus, University of Bologna)
Gianfranco Marzocchi (Councillor, Culture and University, Municipality of Forlì)
Angelo Satanassi (President, Garzanti Foundation, Forlì)

First session, "Sovereign Democracy" and human rights protection


Maria Zalambani (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)

Introductory remarks

Stefano Bianchini (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)


The idea of "sovereign democracy": experience of interpretation

Mikhail Odesskiy (Head, Department, Russian State University for Humanities)


"Sovereign democracy" - moving toward the construction of a monocenter system or withdrawing from it

Viktor Kuvaldin (Gorbachev Foundation)


Civilization as key feature of the Russian political system

Sergey Trube (Director, Foundation "Russian Social and Political Center")
Alexander Muzykantskiy (President, Russian Public Policy Center)


The model of "sovereign democracy" in the context of the discussion about modernization and westernization

Lilia Zakirova (MGIMO)



Paolo Calzini (Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center)

Second Session: "Sovereign Democracy" and the use of sources of energy in the international arena


Stefano Garzonio (President, AIS, University of Pisa)


Energy sources as the economic base of "sovereign democracy"

Ilya Roytman (Executive Secretary, UDC)


Russia and the EU: new treaty, disputed field, prospects of strategic partnership

Sergey Markov (Director, Institute for Political Research, Member of the Russian Public Chamber)


The image of the country: sovereign democracy and power, based on natural resources

Sergey Begishev (President, IMA PRESS)


The economic model of "sovereign democracy" in Russia

Ekaterina Terentyieva (Lomonosov MSU)



Alberto Chilosi (University of Pisa)
Albert Bininashvili (Visiting Professor, Columbia University, New York)


Other participants

Carlo Bellinzona (Military Center for Strategic Studies)
Francesco Benvenuti (University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus)
Jean Blondel (European University, Institute Robert Schuman Center)
Francesco Caccamo ("G.D'Annunzio" University, Chieti and Pescara)
Arturas Gailiunas (Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania)
Marcello Garzaniti (Governer, AIS, University of Florence)
Dimitri Gavrikov (Moscow State University)
Giuliana Laschi (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
Katlijn Malfliet (Institute for European and International Policy KU Leuven)
Nicola Todaro Marescotti (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Fernando Orlandi (CeMiSS, Levico Terme)
Lucio Picci (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
Dimitar Popov (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
Francesco Privitera (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
Anna Quici (Coimbra Group)
Renato Risaliti (University of Florence)
Dagmar Roberts (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
Roberto Sinigaglia (University of Genoa)


Dessislava Krasteva-coordinator
Luca Angelino
Aurora Domeniconi
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