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Summer School of Serbian Language and Culture

Period: Jul. 19 - Aug. 8, 2008
Venue: Valjevo (Serbia)

The program

This summer school is offered to students of all levels (from beginners to advanced) who would like to learn and improve Serbian, as well as to study Serbian culture, traditional values and modern tendencies through theory and practice.
The school will be a opportunity to live in an authentic Serbian environment, making contacts with real Serbs, exchanging experiences and opinions with them.

Language courses

By attending the course you will gain new and improve your current language abilities. After a placement test taken upon the arrival students will be divided into groups (beginners, intermediate, advanced and proficiency) according to their knowledge.
The emphasis is on developing communicative skills. The theoretic, i.e. systematic aspect of the language is presented in the ways that are most suitable to the needs of every respective level. Classes are held on weekdays.

Culture seminar

Culture seminar comprises workshops and lectures on various subjects. Workshop will focus on Serbian folk singing, Serbian folk dancing, Serbian folk cuisine, Serbian national theatre, whereas lectures will deepen Serbian cultural history, Religion of the Serbs, Old crafts in Serbia, History of Serbia in the 20th century, Serbian language, Serbian fine arts, Serbian architecture.


The school guarantees three one-day trips free of charge to get students more acquainted with picturesque Serbia. There are several options:


If you are interested in the course, see how you can apply.


Serbian language and Culture Workshop

Information and contacts

Radionica za srpski jezik i kulturu
address: Oslobodioci Valjeva 31
14000 Valjevo, Serbia
tel. 00381.631.631631
fax. 00381.11.2182502
mail., or  

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