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Russian Studies Program

The program

The Russian program offers five levels of Russian language study, providing courses in business Russian, Russian of the media, as well as colloquial standard Russian. Striving to bring students to the Intermediate High-Advanced Low level according to the ACTFL scale, the program allow students to be able to function effectively in Russian, including working in companies based in Russia.

While primarily founded on language study, the Russian program includes all aspects of Russia: history, literature, culture, folklore, music, film, news media, and women's studies. This allows students to become familiar with Russian culture and society and the life experiences of Russians.
Students also become familiar with Russia participating in the Russian Club, which offers outside activities related to Russian culture and society. They also have the opportunity to study for a semester or summer in Russia in a program that provides home-stays and a work internship, in addition to study.

Courses offered

The Russian Studies program provides an array of courses on topics other than language: literature, theater, cinema, the news media, folklore, music, and culture. Have a look at the general course offerings.

If you are interested in the program, see how you can apply.

Information and contacts

Bucknell University
address: 701 Moore Avenue
Lewisburg PA 17837
tel. 001.570.5772000

Graduate Studies Office
tel. 001.570.5771304


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