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Summer Workshop in Slavic, East European and Central Asian Languages

Period: June 13 - Aug. 8, 2008
Location: Indiana University (Bloomington, USA)

The program

The program has as its goal the enhancement of speaking, reading, listening and writing skills through classroom instruction and a full range of extra-curricular activities.
Knowledge of Slavic, East European, and Central Asian languages prepares students for exciting career opportunities in areas such as government, higher education, not-for-profit institutions, public health, law, international development, the military, journalism, environmental issues, the arts and business.

Languages offered

Extracurricular activities

Each program in the workshop offers a rich extracurricular program focused on language and culture. Extracurricular activities include performing arts, cooking demonstrations, disco, sports and lunch tables.
The East/Central European Program will present a series of films and lectures, which provide an opportunity for students and scholars to increase their knowledge of the culture and history of the East/Central European region.
The program in the Languages of Central Asia and the Caucasus presents videos from this region on Friday nights, as well as more than a dozen lectures dealing with the history, religion and politics of this area.
Student in the Russian program are encouraged to participate in at least one of the following activities: a poetry club, a Russian choir, or a Russian play.
If you are interested in any course of the workshop, see how to apply.

Information and contacts

Indiana University
107 S. Indiana Ave.,
Bloomington, IN 47405-7000
tel. 001.812.8554848

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