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Thursday November 15, 2018
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European Cinema and Audiovisual Days: a look Eastwards

As a part of the co-production forum "European Cinema and Audiovisual Days" a series of conferences will bring us up to date on the situation of the cinema industry in Rumania and Lithuania

Location: Turin, Italy
Period: November 23 -24, 2007

European Cinema and Audiovisual Days will take place in Turin on Novembre 23-24. The event will focus on the evolution of the European cinema industry and particularly on Romanian and Lithuanian cinema. In fact, this year's edition will see delegations from two new Member States of the European Union, Rumania and Lithuania.
With the expansion of the European borders, the European Days is also expanding, to hold true to its vocation of being an event that represents the cinema and audiovisual ferment in the continent.
A series of conferences will bring us up to date on the situation of the cinema industry in the two countries.
In the show-case area it will be possible to view the best realisations from Romania and Lithuania.
The presence of Rumanian and Lithuanian cinema professionals creates the opportunity to get to know productive realities from a much closer point of view, and especially to establish contacts and launch concrete collaborations that strengthen the ties between Eastern and Western Europe, a strategic road for the future of the European cinema industry.

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