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Funding, Equity and Efficiency of Higher Education

Location: Portoroz, Slovenia
Period: 21 - 24 November 2007

The financing of higher education throughout Europe and around the world is faced with three great challenges. The first of these is how to find additional resources needed to improve quality, develop new programs, increase capacity and guarantee stability. The second is how to increase equity of participation in higher education. The third is how to improve the efficiency of use of available resources.
The main aim of the conference is to discuss the situation, trends and reforms in funding higher education (funding of educational institutions, state financial support to students) in Europe, particularly in former socialist countries. The impact of the system of funding and policy reforms on cost sharing, equity and efficiency are of special interest to the conference.

The conference will bring together policy makers, university leaders, and scholars to discuss the already great and growing challenges to higher education. Conference participants are expected to contribute to the sharing of new knowledge in order to help better understand the system of funding higher education and its impacts. Discussions among participants will be of special value for all; for policy makers in particular the process will help them successfully implement the required reforms in the system of funding higher education.


Conference Fee

Participant 340 EUR
Student and accompanying person 204 EUR

Social Events

Whole day trip to Venice (Italy) and to Škocjan cave (Slovenia)

Organizers and Partners

Information & Contacts

Contact Person: Marijana Pregarac
tel. +38656102012
fax. +38656102015

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